development of information and communication technology

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Hii friends … anyone know what that ICT is an acronym for Information and Communication Technology and the indonesian commonly called TIK is an Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi.


TIK or ICT is a big umbrella term that covers all the technical equipment to process and communicate information. And you need to know, ICT covers two aspects of Information and Communications Technology.

  • Information technology encompasses all matters relating to process, use as a tool, manipulation, and management information. While
  • Communications Technology is anything that is related to the use of assistive devices to process and transfer data from one device to another. Therefore, information technology and communication technology are two inseparable concepts.

So the Information and Communication Technology contains the broad sense is any activity related to the processing, manipulation, management, media transfer of information between ICT terms appear after the combination of computer technology (both hardware and software or the usual sort hadwere and softwere) with communications technology in the mid 20th century. The combination of both technologies are rapidly evolving beyond any other technology fields. Until the beginning of the 21st century ICT continue to experience various changes and have not seen the point of saturation.


One proof is that advances in communications technology with the electronic book or e-book and e-learning.



Electronic books or e-book is one that utilizes computer technology to deliver multimedia information in a concise and dynamic. In an e-book can be integrated display sound, graphics, images, animations, and movies so that the information presented is richer than a conventional book. E-book type of the simplest is just to move a conventional book into electronic form displayed by the computer. With this technology, hundreds of books can be stored in a single CD or compact disk (capacity of about 700MB), DVD, or digital versatile disk (4.7 to 8.5 GB capacity) and flash (currently available capacity to 16 GB). .




Various definitions can be found for e-learning Victoria L. Tinio, for example, stated that e-learning covers learning at all levels, formal or informal, who uses a computer network (internet or eksternet) for the delivery of learning materials, interactions, and / or facilitation. For most of the learning process takes place with the help of the Internet is often referred to as online learning


Hopefully with the terbitkannya this article, my friends really understand what it is biased tencnologi and opinions of observers tecnologi.

Quotes from this article :


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